erika hendrix

yasha zhylin

erika hendrix
yasha zhylin

yasha zhylin / photographer

your sign

kiev, ukraine

color palette
red, blue, green

midnight snack
cup of tea with sweets; fruit; sometimes sunflower seeds

introvert or extrovert
both but more extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
running up that hill by chromatics

morning ritual
sketching out ideas that i was dreaming about

favorite place in the world
a place where there is a delicious bun with a cup of tea and people who know how to dream

last thing you've read
article about the history of IKEA advertising

most memorable/influential moment growing up
that moment when i had my braces taken off after 5 years

favorite quote
"when two people quarrel, both are always to blame"

yasha zhylin on the kunst magazine

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