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yang shi

erika hendrixComment
yang shi

photographer: jean-guillaume bastin
art director + stylist: yang shi
model: celeste pimm
beauty: cynthia-christina cadieux
stylist assistant: zhang hang zhang

yang shi / art director + stylist

your sign

zhengzhaou, china

color palette
different shades of red

midnight snack
rice cracker and hummus

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
adult by emmett kai

morning ritual
stare deeply into the corner of a wall to remember my dream

favorite place in the world
somewhere where I can be naked and feel comfortable (most likely to be my bed but not necessarily)

last thing you've read
just kids by patti smith

most memorable/influential moment growing up
coming to canada

favorite quote
β€˜β€™it takes a lot of rain in the cup. it takes a lot of pain to pick me up"
-the national

yang shi on the kunst magazine

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