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vasilisa gusarova

erika hendrixComment
vasilisa gusarova

photographer: anna goncharova
stylist: vasilisa gusarova
beauty: iren shimshilashvili
models: anna e + roman dmitrienko
producer: arina starykh
styling assistant: yuliana inyusheva

vasilisa gusarova / stylist

your sign

moscow, russia

color palette

midnight snack

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
kedr livanskiy

morning ritual
qigong routine

favorite place in the world
any surfing spot

last thing you've read
demons by dostoyevsky

most memorable/influential moment growing up
reading victor pelevin

favorite quote
“aesthetics is to artists as ornithology is to birds”
-barnett newman

vasilisa gusarova on the kunst magazine

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