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tran chau tu

erika hendrixComment
tran chau tu

photographer: tran chau tu
model: jan baiboon @modelwerk
stylist: arijana kuhnlein
beauty: evelyn innerhofer
assistant: alena holze + jana paschold

tran chau tu / photographer

your sign

aachen, germany

color palette
black + pastels

midnight snack
tom yum instant noodles

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
bishop briggs, jorja smith, aurora

morning ritual
listening to music or an audiobook, on my way to work

favorite place in the world
wherever my family and friends are

last thing you've read
an article about scottish hiking trails

most memorable/influential moment growing up
sharing the stage with friends while dancing a ballet adaption of „alice in Wonderland“ and „ink heart“

favorite quote
honestly, i don´t have any

tran chau tu on the kunst magazine

find tran chau tu on instagram or visit her website!