erika hendrix

thomas valtin

erika hendrix
thomas valtin

photographer: thomas valtin
model: vanessa rehmsmeier @talentmodels
styling: stefanie fissel
hair+makeup: melanie hoppe

thomas valtin / photographer

your sign

newcastle, germany

color palette
brown and orange

midnight snack
anything i find in the fridge

introvert or extrovert
mostly extrovert but sometimes also introvert

song/artist on repeat right now
jon wayne

morning ritual
putting my contact lenses in

favorite place in the world
new york city

last thing you've read
seriously...the last vogue

most memorable/influential moment growing up
my apprenticeship, where I had to act out of my character

favorite quote
if it goes downhill it must eventually go uphill again"
-my grandmother

thomas valtin on the kunst magazine

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