erika hendrix

suzanne saroff

erika hendrix
suzanne saroff

suzanne saroff / photographer

your sign

missula, montana
united states

color palette
rich blues and oranges

midnight snack
cookie dough ice cream

introvert or extrovert
extroverted introvert

song/artist on repeat right now
amy whinehouse

morning ritual

favorite place in the world
any time i am photographing something that draws me in

last thing you've read
holy terror: andy warhol close up

most memorable/influential moment growing up
breaking my arm at my brothers 7th birthday party. i had to go to the hospital so I missed cake at the party, and at the hospital i wanted a pink cast, but they only had red casts. that day I learned that although i couldn't control everything, i could change my wardrobe to match my cast, and birthday cake after the party was still delicious.

favorite quote
"take an object. do something to it. do something else to it."
-jasper johns

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