erika hendrix

suzana holtgrave

erika hendrix
suzana holtgrave

photographer: suzana holtgrave
model: ea qvortrup @larepresents
styling: andrea horn
hair+makeup: maria ehrlich
set design: kristin baumann

suzana holtgrave / photographer

your sign

pula, croatia

color palette
all colors - in love with green and purple

midnight snack
peanuts, spicy falafel

introvert or extrovert
same same but different - it depends

song/artist on repeat right now
jack white - connected by love

morning ritual
loud radio and latte macchiato

favorite place in the world
zlatne stijene - my hometown beach in croatia

last thing you've read
internet: weather report - very important in germany for outdoor shoots
book: siddartha by herman hesse (first read this book when i was 15)

most memorable/influential moment growing up
summer time on the beach

favorite quote
"que sera sera”
-doris day

whatever will be, will be, means that the future is up in the air and whatever is going to happen is going to happen.

suzana holtgrave for the kunst magazine

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