erika hendrix

susan sage

erika hendrix
susan sage

susan sage / painter

your sign

wasilla, alaska
united states

color palette
every painting is different- liqutex transparent paints are my favorites. the hardest colors for me to like are shades of green that aren’t very dark. i only like hooker’s green

midnight snack
i don’t keep easy food around for this reason, so probably something full-on like broccoli or a can of soup

introvert or extrovert
so introverted as to be barely functional

song/artist on repeat right now
fake magic angel by kyle craft

morning ritual
up at 8, meditate half an hour, sit in front of my sunlight with coffee for an hour, eat yogurt, then paint

favorite place in the world
my parent’s house in cayman brac

last thing you've read
this is how- augusten burroughs, actually helpful timing for me in a post-breakup state

favorite quote
 could look some up but so could you

susan sage on the kunst magazine

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