sara schiavo

sara schiavo

photographer: nicholas fols
stylist: sara schiavo
model: milena podda@the lab
beauty: camilla iacobitti
styling assistants: alessandra filieri + francesca mattricciani

special thanks to lorenzo mecozzi bedini, his family and his little egyptian creature, the sphynx cat amon + the vintage boutique coup de théâtre in rome

sara schiavo / photographer

your sign

rome, italy

color palette
red is my favorite color to wear

midnight snack
french fries with mayo

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
rolls royce by achille lauro

morning ritual
every morning is different

favorite place in the world
valle della luna, sardegna

last thing you've read
l’amica geniale by elena ferrante

most memorable/influential moment growing up
going to a spice girls concert in rome

favorite quote
-the poem “mattina” by giuseppe ungaretti

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