photographer: sallyhateswing
model: anne zarske @pma models
stylist: sarah schmid
beauty: melanie krüger @nina klein
post production: the visuals craftroom

sallyhateswing (phil + sarah) / photographer

your sign
phil: sagittarius
sarah: capricorn

p: cochem, germany
s: black forest, germany

color palette
p: grey
s: black

midnight snack
p: kebab
s: antipasti

introvert or extrovert
p: extrovert
s: both

song/artist on repeat right now
p: majan
s: billie eilish

morning ritual
p: coffee + cigarette
s: cleaning up

favorite place in the world
p: bagans pagodes
s: singapore

last thing you've read
p: whatsapp
s: peter pan

most memorable/influential moment growing up
p: when i got my own tree house
s: my first time in south africa

favorite quote
p: “it doesn’t matter where you come from, it matters where you go”
s: “don’t believe everything you think”

phil of sallyhateswing on the kunst magazine
sarah of sallyhateswing on the kunst magazine

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