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roman asmus

erika hendrixComment
roman asmus

photographer: roman asmus
model: jan baiboon@modelwerk
art direction + stylist: chiara kinscher
beauty: evelyn innerhofer @bigoudi

roman asmus / photographer

your sign

hamburg, germany

color palette
blue like the sky & the sea

midnight snack

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
shame (alternative rock from London)

morning ritual
first coffee, then coffee

favorite place in the world
where the sun shines

last thing you've read
a tale of love and darkness by amoz oz

most memorable/influential moment growing up
my father photographing my mother, my sister and me with his canon ae1

favorite quote
”i think people talk too much; that is the truth of the matter. i do. i don ́t believe in words. people use too many words and usually wrongly. i am sure that in the distant future people will talk much less and in a more essential way“
-michelangelo antonioni

roman asmus on the kunst magazine

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