erika hendrix

rebecca russo

erika hendrix
rebecca russo

rebecca russo / painter

your sign

ridgefield, new jersey
united states

color palette
shades of nude, black and white with a touch of primary

midnight snack
melatonin/valarian root

introvert or extrovert
it's def a battle of two extremes for me. i'd prefer to bail but sometimes you just have to put on your lips and lashes and sequins and sing

song/artist on repeat right now
ugh, music has gotten really noisy/loud i rather not listen to anything, i do like to hum to myself while i draw. i also get a little obsessive and listen to the same song on repeat for hours which drives the rest of the people in the house mad.

morning ritual
i still can't decide if i drink my coffee black or with almond milk and sugar, or with cream or milk..its a free for all

favorite place in the world
someplace i haven't been

last thing you've read
i'm a big first two pager and then abandonment - i'm still reading the old man and the sea. i
started that before my kids were born, and every couple years I pick it up. my friends signed me up for a book club, i'm still on chapter five of what alice forgot... that was last winter

most memorable/influential moment growing up
memorable; summer - influential; when i realized my father would die from being an addict, and the hate i would learn to carry and conceal through out my life. fast forward; when i learned we humans are terribly flawed and still so capable of love and beauty and forgiveness    

favorite quote
"when i haven't any blue, i use red.”
-pablo picasso

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