erika hendrix

ramona wang

erika hendrix
ramona wang

photographer: ramona wang
model: nikol milnova @unite-unite
styling: natasha bock
hair+makeup: mika shimoda
assistant: grant li

ramona wang / photographer

your sign

guangzhou, china

color palette
red, yellow, blue

midnight snack
anything unhealthy

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
the end of the world

morning ritual
putting on makeup while watching random videos (movies) on youtube/netflix

favorite place in the world
the tent I put in my room - it's where I sleep.

last thing you've read
online: the wiki definition of "virginity" / book: the fountainhead

most memorable/influential moment growing up
over the summer after college, i decided to not have any jobs related to my college degree (which is economics) for the rest of my life

favorite quote
i don't have a favorite quote

ramona wang on the kunst magazine

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