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rachel israela

erika hendrixComment
rachel israela

photographer: rachel israela
model: liv lamberth @izaio
stylist: lawrence adu
beauty: maria ehrlich

rachel israela / photographer

your sign

berlin, germany

color palette
beige, off-white, sand colors

midnight snack
cheese toast

introvert or extrovert
introvert i guess

song/artist on repeat right now
giegling :) :)

morning ritual
brushing my teeth then mostly coffee or earl grey

favorite place in the world
anywhere where i have enough space for  my mind to escape from the daily stress and i fell in love with the desert

last thing you've read
gun love by jennifer clement

most memorable/influential moment growing up
when i got my dog maya who was alwyas by my side, rest in peace my love she died almost 2 yrs ago in the proudly age of 17

favorite quote
‘’everything not saved will be lost”

rachel israela on the kunst magazine

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