erika hendrix

parker woods

erika hendrix
parker woods

photographer: parker woods
model: isabelle sandmeyer
stylist: katie qian

artist: parker woods / photographer

your sign

colorado spring, colorado
united states

color palette
i wear a lot of neutrals but photograph a lot of red

midnight snack
health bars and peanut butter

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
i just watched that movie super dark times so i’ve been listening to everything the comsat angels ever put out

morning ritual
slip into my crocs, brush my teeth, answer emails, then go to the gym and sweat

favorite place in the world
the neighborhoods around yoyogi hachimanm

last thing you've read
art/work by bhandri and melber

most memorable/influential moment growing up
not a singular moment but my senior year of high school i lived alone in an apartment across the street from campus and that year was the first time i thought of myself as autonomous and capable

favorite quote
“don’t fear the industry, make the industry fear you. don’t lower your standards to appease them, make them raise their standards to be worthy of you.”
-driely s.

parker woods on the kunst magazine

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