nazar elcansky

nazar elcansky

photographer: nazar elcansky
models: sophia + anna @oks models
stylist: julia piekh
beauty: marichka samardak
artist: andrey sagan

nazar elcansky / photographer

your sign

lviv, ukraine

color palette
white, black, orange, purple, pink, red, blue

midnight snack
i don't like to cook and think about food

introvert or extrovert
introvert 70%, extrovert 30%

song/artist on repeat right now
noize mc - !!l!ve!

morning ritual
listening to music - usually ska or punk rock

favorite place in the world
anywhere i can be creative and do my photoshoots and my «elcansky underground art fashion laboratory»

last thing you've read
to have or to be? by erich fromm

most memorable/influential moment growing up
november 28, 2016 - the day i used my camera for the first time

favorite quote
‘’style is the answer to everything. to do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it”
-charles bukowski

nazar elcansky on the kunst magazine

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