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monika ardila

erika hendrixComment
monika ardila

monika ardila / artist

your sign

bogotá, columbia

color palette
black, pastel pink, royal blue

midnight snack
leftover dessert or salty crackers

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
a take away show/ the do

morning ritual
15 min meditation - workout  - green tea  - getting dressed  and figuring out how to start my day

favorite place in the world
eyes closed

last thing you've read
catching the big fish by david lynch

most memorable/influential moment growing up
my family wasn’t too religious but the existence of god was beyond question. i was about 10 years old when one day an uncle revealed to me two things: god doesn’t exist but there is an animal which is furry like a sea otter,  has a beak and duck legs, but it’s not a bird it’s a mammal and lives in the water - god doesn't exist but the platypus does. i think that day, my brain exploded and got free.

favorite quote
“do not fear mistakes - there are none.”
-miles david 

monika ardila on the kunst magazine

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