erika hendrix

megan krzmarzick

erika hendrix
megan krzmarzick

megan krzmarzick / painter

your sign

portland, oregon
united states

color palette
deep blues and greens with swaths of thick white paint and punches of vibrant pinks and reds and oranges. i came back from the desert recently and am creating a series around that palette as well - i lived there for years and am only truly inspired by it now that i’m away from it.

midnight snack
dark chocolate

introvert or extrovert
social introvert

song/artist on repeat right now
glass animals

morning ritual
laying in bed putting everything into perspective before i start the day; drowning out the worries by trying to stay present; feeling every movement as i get out of bed, the ritual of making coffee, and painting before i head to work.

favorite place in the world
new orleans - it’s a fascinating place full of culture and creativity and some of the strongest and kindest people you’ll ever meet. once upon a different lifetime ago i eloped there and it was pretty wonderful.

last thing you've read
exit west, a beautiful book about migration. it asks you to reconsider everything you know and think about the “other” because in the end we are all the same when it comes to the things we want in life, our motivations, and who and how we love.

most memorable/influential moment growing up
can growing up include adulthood? i had breast cancer last year and went through a devastating break-up but i grew from it and became stronger and more sure of myself and my art through it. it taught me that i’m brave even if i’m not perfect. that loving deeply is okay even if it’s rejected. someone will understand all of your intricacies and accept what you have to give when the time is right.

favorite quote
“the world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation. the hand is the cutting edge of the mind.”
-diane arbus

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