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manuela iodice

erika hendrixComment
manuela iodice

photographer: manuela iodice
stylist: giorgia toscani  
makeup: monica cena 
hair: andrea d'amore 
models: jade eliášek @elite + clement garvang @wonderwall
stylist assistant: anna gagliano

manuela iodice / photographer

your sign

naples, italy

color palette
black mostly, some dark red

midnight snack
chocolate - actually my “all-day-long snack”

introvert or extrovert
introvert with a tendency to mask it being extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
greta van fleet - the new album

morning ritual
beauty routine - it’s a must

favorite place in the world
anywhere the vesuvio vulcano is visible

last thing you've read
a graphic novel by an Italian artist named zerocalcare

most memorable/influential moment growing up
listening to the smiths for the first time

favorite quote
‘’beauty will save the world”

manuela iodice on the kunst magazine

find manuela on instagram or visit her website!