erika hendrix

maas + brix

erika hendrix
maas + brix

photographers: florian maas + aglaja brix
model + stylist: aglaja brix

florian maas + aglaja brix / photographers

your sign
f: libra
a: leo

both: hamburg, germany

color palette
f: black and white
a: black is always the basis, but fav colors are petrol and dusky rose

midnight snack
both: spelt bread with vegan cheese

introvert or extrovert
f: introvert
a: introvert

song/artist on repeat right now
both: andy stott

morning ritual
f: checking reddit
a: turmeric latter

favorite place in the world
both: canary Islands (fuerteventura & lanzarote)

last thing you've read
both: vegan good life magazine

most memorable/influential moment growing up
f: first time using photoshop
a: solve my first math problem: 1 elephant + 1 elephant = friends (result of growing up plant-based, which my mother taught me)

favorite quote
"es ist nicht deine schuld, dass die welt ist wie sie ist. es wär nur deine schuld, wenn sie so bleibt"('it's not your fault, that the world is how it is. it will only be your fault if it stays like that')
- die ärzte (german punk band)

florian maas on the kunst magazine
aglaja brix on the kunst magazine

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