erika hendrix

luca aimee

erika hendrix
luca aimee

photographer: valeria mitelman @wildfox running
model: luca aimee @mega models
hair + makeup: katja maassen @liga nord agency

luca aimee / model

your sign

hamburg, germany

color palette
black, white, flower patterns and a little blue and orange I guess

midnight snack
pizza!!! :)

introvert or extrovert
an introvert that is an expert in behaving like an extrovert and enjoys company a lot :)

song/artist on repeat right now
lomepal and mac miller since this summer, still looking for my winter soundtrack

morning ritual
coffee + podcast - usually deutschlandfunk or the daily by the new york times 

favorite place in the world
anywhere i am surrounded by true friends, but maybe italy

last thing you've read
famine, affluence and morality - the classic by peter singer on effective altruism

most memorable/influential moment growing up
being part of a circus for 10 years

favorite quote
don’t have one

luca aimee on the kunst magazine

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