erika hendrix

liz harlan

erika hendrix
liz harlan

photographer: erika astrid
hair: evanie frausto
makeup: lani sunglao
model: liz harlan
stylist: samantha kim
retoucher: oleg palchyk

liz harlan / model

your sign

western massachusetts
united states

color palette
controlled chaos

midnight snack
tate's gluten free cookies

introvert or extrovert
most think I’m an extrovert, and I like people... but secretly, I’m  an introvert 🤫

song/artist on repeat right now
enth by crystak castles

morning ritual
my boyfriend making me coffee

favorite place in the world
i haven’t been to many places yet but wherever there’s an ocean i’m happy

last thing you've read
some conspiracy theory online

most memorable/influential moment growing up
when i found out i got accepted to sva my mom took me down to nyc for the first time. we went to the alexander mcqueen exhibit at the met. i was so moved by his artistry and how he used his pain to create the most beautiful things. being there was so inspiring and profound for me. i knew that i had chosen the right path for myself by seeing his work and knowing that i wanted to be a part of *that* world.

favorite quote
it’s not necessarily a quote but john water’s entire “make trouble” speech, that he gave at risd, has been life changing for me. basically he encourages to “make trouble” by shaking up the status quo in means of progress.

liz harlan on the kunst magazine

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