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lisa krannichfeld

erika hendrix
lisa krannichfeld

lisa krannichfeld / painter

your sign
sagittarius and a boar in the chinese zodiac

little rock, arkansas
united states

color palette
any kind of green - minty, mossy, you name it

midnight snack
biscuits and honey

introvert or extrovert
100% introvert. if i have a day that I have to put an extrovert face on i need two days alone afterwards to recover

song/artist on repeat right now
grizzly bear, their painted ruins album

morning ritual
strong coffee, feed all my animals (two dogs and a cat), then i'll often start painting still in my pjs

favorite place in the world
my home studio, surrounded by all of my materials. it's a comforting place to recharge via creation

last thing you've read
annihilation by jeff vandermeer, i have a bit of a sci-fi geek side

most memorable/influential moment growing up
i was 12 years old and i was sitting at the kitchen table of my aunt and uncle's house. my father had just died, my family was struggling financially and in enormous debt, and now we had just become a single parent family. my mom, brother, uncle, aunt, and i were sitting there discussing budgeting, credit cards, interest rates, payment plans, all while i could hear my cousins laughing and playing video games in the next room. if there ever was a distinct moment that you realize childhood is over and adulthood has begun, it was this moment. however, i'm thankful in a weird way because it has shaped me to be who i am today.      

favorite quote
"inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work."
-chuck close

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