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juste incroyable

erika hendrixComment
juste incroyable

photographer: juste incroyable
model: lou amara
beauty: julia marquet

juste incroyable / photographer

your sign

barcelona, spain

color palette
really depends on the mood. so, rainbow with some storm clouds in the background

midnight snack
mango that's been in the fridge for a couple of hours

introvert or extrovert
annoyingly extrovert. sometimes.

song/artist on repeat right now
arco iris by flavien berger. literally impossible not to move your hips in a rythmic fashion when listening to it.

morning ritual
corn flakes with cinnamon

favorite place in the world
i keep on changing my favorite place after coming back from a new destination. so, right now i'd say, walking around the nature paths in saint-jean-cap-ferrat.

last thing you've read
i've just finished owen noone & the marauder by douglas cowie

most memorable/influential moment growing up
playing in a school play comedy when i was 10 and not hearing a single laugh from the public. whenever i'm nervous about doing something, i think back to that moment in order to reassure myself that what i'm about to do can't possibly be as humiliating.

favorite quote
‘’alright, alright, alright”

juste incroyable on the kunst magazine

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