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jorge grau

erika hendrixComment
jorge grau

photographer: jorge grau
model: lula allie
stylist: maria estrada
beauty: daniel coltor
assistant: diego garrido

jorge grau / photographer

your sign

valencia, spain

color palette
indigo blue and amber yellow

midnight snack

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
devendra banhart

morning ritual
breakfast, read a photo book with coffee and a cigarette and straight to the bathroom

favorite place in the world
Lanzarote, Canary Islands

last thing you've read
the sound of waves by yukio mishima

most memorable/influential moment growing up
when i was 5, my family and i stayed at a hotel in cantabria (spain) and i told my dad i would never forget the room numbers, date and address. and to this day i still remind him: “206, 207 noja, tamarises 1995, 18 de abril”

favorite quote
“now is the past, and the future is now.”

jorge grau on the kunst magazine

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