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jinling + sun

erika hendrixComment
jinling + sun

photographers: jinling + sun
model: emilia bernet @oui
stylist: mia rafolo
makeup: yinn
hair: mayu morimoto

jinling + sun / photographers

your sign
jinling: scorpio
sun: aries

j: fujian, china
s: dalian, china

color palette
j: yellow, white
s: absolute blue

midnight snack
j: nothing
s: pistachios

introvert or extrovert
j: Introvert, but trying to be an extrovert since i am photographer
s: introvert

song/artist on repeat right now
j: n’to
s: chen li

morning ritual
j: a glass of water
s: check my phone

favorite place in the world
j: it depends who i am with
s: bangkok

last thing you've read
j: fiction
s: enlightenment toy book of preschool science

most memorable/influential moment growing up
j: one night in class I suddenly realized how small we are in the universe, so everything that bothered me became insignificant.
s: when i found out i wasn’t accepted to tsinghua university

favorite quote
j: ‘’humans make progress by making mistakes’’

s: “by nature, men are nearly alike; by practice, they get to be wide apart.”

jinling + sun on the kunst magazine
jinling + sun on the kunst magazine

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