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jhen-ying lin

erika hendrixComment
jhen-ying lin

photographers: jhen-ying lin + hazel chiu
model: christoffer hilton @bri’geid models
stylist: melody huang
makeup: mari koba
hair: shin

jhen-ying lin / photographer

your sign

taipei, taiwan

color palette
purple + green

midnight snack

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
starry night by peggy gou

morning ritual
coffee + reading emails

favorite place in the world
places i haven’t been yet

last thing you've read
the face 1996

most memorable/influential moment growing up
the day my mom got me my first dog

favorite quote
”keep searching for that sound in your head until it becomes a reality”
-bill evans 

jhen-ying lin on the kunst magazine

find jhen-ying on instagram or visit his website!