jesús soto fuentes

jesús soto fuentes

beauty: israel quiroz
models: victoria bozo @model zone, suly castillo @paragon models, evi + kristoffer @the face models

jesús soto fuentes / photographer

your sign

tinaquillo, venezuela

color palette
red, green + yellow

midnight snack
chocolate chip cookies

introvert or extrovert
definitely introvert

song/artist on repeat right now
send to robyn immediately by robyn

morning ritual
lots of coffee

favorite place in the world
el zócalo square, méxico city

last thing you've read
can’t hurt me by david goggins 

most memorable/influential moment growing up
the first time i went to a big city (caracas, venezuela’s capital) and saw all its advertising billboards around the entire city

favorite quote
there’s a phrase that my mom always says:
“que cada quien haga con su vida un saco”

jesus soto fuentes on the kunst magazine

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