jess brohier

jess brohier

photographer: jess brohier
models: juliette d’udekem @duval + carol green @people
set design: cristina guerrero
stylist: helena abapo
hair: banan mahmoud
makeup: ali rae
lighting assistant: igor hill

jess brohier / photographer

your sign

melbourne, australia

color palette
muted tones of red, yellow, black and beige

midnight snack
dried fruit + dark chocolate

introvert or extrovert
a low key extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
break apart - bonobo + rhye

morning ritual
incense + coffee in bed

favorite place in the world
new york city

last thing you've read
the photographer's playbook

most memorable/influential moment growing up
 the day I decided I was going to become a photographer

favorite quote
‘’trust the timing of your life”

jess brohier on the kunst magazine

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