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jeanie mordukhay

erika hendrixComment
jeanie mordukhay

photographer: vino feliciano
creative director: jeanie mordukhay
model: jorji zimmatore @photogenics
stylist: sondra choi
beauty: francie tomalonis

jeanie mordukhay / creative director

your sign

los angeles, california

color palette
warm earthy tones

midnight snack
fererro rocher!

introvert or extrovert
a good mix of both, just depends on the setting

song/artist on repeat right now
podcasts: the cut on tuesdays, this american life, serial

morning ritual
a cup of black tea on my front porch

favorite place in the world
dinner tables with my grandmas cooking

last thing you've read
becoming by michelle obama

most memorable/influential moment growing up
watching my parents achieve their goals and build our lives as immigrants in the united states

favorite quote
‘’do the best you can until you know better. then when you know better, do better.”

jeanie mordukhay on the kunst magazine

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