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jang heejun

erika hendrixComment
jang heejun

photographer: ko myunghun
stylist: jang heejun
model: klara shulman
beauty: yu eunju

jang heejun / stylist

your sign

seoul, korea

color palette
yellow, sky blue, black

midnight snack
fruits like orange

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
best part (feat. daniel caesar) by h.e.r

morning ritual
coffee with chocolate

favorite place in the world
paris, france

last thing you've read
a korean novel - temperature of language

most memorable/influential moment growing up
when I was a high school student, a trip to new york

favorite quote
“if you don't live the way you think, you'll think the way you live.”
-paul valery

jang heejun on the kunst magazine

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