erika hendrix

ingrid wells

erika hendrix
ingrid wells

ingrid wells / painter

your sign

phoenix, arizona
united states

color palette
bright, vibrant color palette with lots of reds and pinks

midnight snack
muenster cheese

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
pink panther theme song

morning ritual
lilac soap, nude lipstick, an iced latte and a green smoothie

favorite place in the world
my studio, it is my happy place

last thing you've read
you do you by sarah knight

most memorable/influential moment growing up
when I found my calling to be an artist. this happened in college and it always felt like art chose me instead of the other way around. my path to other things halted and i was pulled sharply in another direction that felt certain and true. i was terrible at painting for a very long time, but i loved the feeling of making art so much that i didn't care. the subject fascinates me every day.

favorite quote
"be the weirdo who dares to enjoy."
-Elizabeth Gilbert

ingrid wells on the kunst magazine

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