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ilaria taschini

erika hendrixComment
ilaria taschini

photographer: ilaria taschini
model: lucia @d’managment
stylist:  ginevra s. menon 
hair + makeup: carolina antonini

ilaria taschini / photographer

your sign

rome, italy

color palette
warm colors but i am also really into pastels lately

midnight snack
depends on my mood. could be popcorn, an apple or a piece of dark chocolate

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
i usually listen to classic/piano playlists on spotify

morning ritual
breakfast and skincare

favorite place in the world
wherever i can be with the people i love

last thing you've read
a beauty blog

most memorable/influential moment growing up
my dad passing away when i was 16

favorite quote
”love yourself first”

ilaria taschini on the kunst magazine

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