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ilaria biffi

erika hendrixComment
ilaria biffi

photographer: ilaria biffi
model: sasha zemliakov + jenny taran @wonderwall
stylist: giulia uboldi
beauty: giorgia caprioli

ilaria biffi / photographer

your sign

milan, italy

color palette
yellow, blue, brown, pale pink

midnight snack
grapefruit juice

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
let me down slowly by alec benjamin

morning ritual

favorite place in the world
white cliffs of dover

last thing you've read
 body and human figure in photography

most memorable/influential moment growing up
my graduation day

favorite quote
‘’apparently she was calm, but it was enough to get close to warn that the storm raged inside her”
- b yoshimoto

ilari biffi on the kunst magazine

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