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hilde van mas

erika hendrixComment
hilde van mas

photographer: hilde van mas @vizard london
model: runa hansen @stella models
hair + makeup: karla goldoni
location: f6 the open factory
wardrobe: patricia narbon / jennifer milleder / calzedonia
makeup products: mac cosmetics / kiehls / less is more

hilde van mas / photographer

your sign

albenga, italy

color palette
black, campari-red and yves-klein-blue

midnight snack
buffalo mozzarella & averna sour 

introvert or extrovert
both in extreme ways

song/artist on repeat right now
where by nihils

morning ritual
espresso, nutella and a cigarette

favorite place in the world
in the middle under the eiffel tower – and albenga, my birthplace in liguria, italy

last thing you've read
finally just finished marina abramovic ́s biography `walk through walls`. i really loved it.

most memorable/influential moment growing up
swimming in the ocean as a very little girl and learning to open my eyes in saltwater 

favorite quote
there are many... but at the moment i adore fellini’s words:
”if you see with innocent eyes, everything is divine.”
-federico fellini 

hilde van mas on the kunst magazine

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