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hanna joelle

erika hendrixComment
hanna joelle

photographer: hanna joelle
models: liv lamberth@izaio models + antonia @om management
beauty: claudia fischer

hanna joelle / photographer

your sign

atlanta, georgia
united states

color palette
forever earth tones with the occasional blinding, colorful sweater

midnight snack
cheddar popcorn

introvert or extrovert
a bit of both

song/artist on repeat right now
norman fucking rockwell

morning ritual
coffee on the couch with my one-and-a-half-year-old daughter

favorite place in the world
home; it’s the place my husband and i are growing and creating memories with our baby daughter. it’s the most beautiful place in the world to me.

last thing you've read
i’m going to be honest — i haven’t read anything worth mentioning since before my daughter was born. these days the morsel of free time i have at the end of the day is spent with my husband and/or watching drag race.

most memorable/influential moment growing up
growing up in the south, i had a somewhat conservative and sheltered upbringing. i didn’t know or even think about how interesting and big the world is. no joke — my wanderlust began in the 10th grade when my friend and i made an australian internet friend on chatroulette. totally worth having to sift through all the naked weirdos.

favorite quote
“there is nothing like puking with somebody to make you into old friends.”
-sylvia plath, the bell jar 

hanna joelle on the kunst magazine

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