erika hendrix

ger ger

erika hendrix
ger ger

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photographer: ger ger
styling: tiffani rae
model: annie montgomery
hair: karolina bernat, beauty: sara tagaloa

ger ger / artist, photographer, creative director

your sign

vienna, austria

color palette
monochromatic, vintage color palettes

midnight snack
my wife

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
burn the witch by radio head

morning ritual
morning coffee at the cafe

favorite place in the world
california landscapes

last thing you've read
my toll roads bill (upsetting), the new york times (news), bleeding edge (novel)

most memorable/influential moment growing up
summer holidays

favorite quote
"the perfect fashion photograph doesn't look like a fashion photograph.”
-helmut newton

ger ger on the kunst magazine

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