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francesca + rafaela

erika hendrixComment
francesca + rafaela

photographer: thilini gamalath
stylist + art direction: francesca + rafaela
model: michelangelo bocchio
makeup: silvia galeazzo
hair: hamlet hair
photo assistant: riccardo cagnotto

francesca + rafaela / photographer

your sign
f: capricorn / r: libra

f: torino, italy / r: são paulo, brazil

color palette
f & r: obviously black!

midnight snack
f: i seldom snack at night, i’d rather go for a glass of red wine. / r: …and i would go for caipirinhas!

introvert or extrovert
f: probably extrovert! /  r: 50/50

song/artist on repeat right now
f: mumford & sons / r: creedence clearwater revival

morning ritual
f & r: snoring until the very last moment and then a bucket of coffee!

favorite place in the world
f: berlin / r: the countryside of são paulo

last thing you've read
f: mémoire de fille by annie ernaux / r: an article about the last gucci’s campaign by business of fashion

most memorable/influential moment growing up
f: creatively speaking, it was when i saw an exhibition about caravaggio in rome in 2010. / r: it was revelatory for my aesthetics when i first saw prada’s fw 2009-2010 catwalk

favorite quote
f: “visceri sul tavolo” that translated from italian means something like “put your guts out there”
r: “you owe it to yourself to set the world on fire”

francesca + rafaela on the kunst magazine
francesca + rafaela on the kunst magazine

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