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erika astrid

erika hendrixComment
erika astrid

photographer: erika astrid
makeup: lani sunglao
hair: ava mihaljevich
retoucher: goodguys production
models: hannah james, brianna russo, alexandria sumpter + zohara even @wilhelmina; sasha mart @silent

erika astrid / photographer

your sign
capricorn sun, pisces moon, scorpio rising

giessen, germany

color palette
pastel colors + black

midnight snack

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
the cactus blossoms

morning ritual
matcha and checking my phone

favorite place in the world

last thing you've read
the notebooks of malte laurids brigge by rainer maria rilke

most memorable/influential moment growing up
everything that has happened was influential and brought me to this exact moment

favorite quote
“let everything happen to you
beauty and terror
just keep going
no feeling is final”
-rainer maria rilke

erika astrid on the kunst magazine

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