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emrecan sandal

erika hendrixComment
emrecan sandal

photographer: gokay catak
stylist: emrecan sandal
model: lana frolova
makeup: bedirhan aydın
hair: dogukan punar
stylist assistant: naz koral

emrecan sandal / stylist

your sign

istanbul, turkey

color palette
pink, pink, pink

midnight snack
french fries

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
thank you next by ariana grande

morning ritual
watching chanel runway

favorite place in the world
japan, tokyo

last thing you've read
confessions of a shopaholic by sophia kinsella

most memorable/influential moment growing up
stealing my mom's chanel bags and dreaming of becoming an icon

favorite quote
‘’if you are cheap nothing helps”
-karl lagerfeld

emrecan sandal on the kunst magazine

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