erika hendrix

emma bundy

erika hendrix
emma bundy

photographer: chesco perez
model: max saward
stylist: emma bundy
designer: ester kubisz

emma bundy / stylist

your sign

shrewsbury, united kingdom

color palette
vespa / smeg

midnight snack
spaghetti aglio e olio

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
night song by the lemon twigs

morning ritual
coffee and croissant

favorite place in the world

last thing you've read
perfume by patrick suskind

most memorable/influential moment growing up
most memorable: having to tell my mum about my tattoo before a family holliday when i was 17.
most influential: my parents taking me to see the damned when i was 10. 

favorite quote
"life is great, without it you'd be dead”
-solomon, gummo

emma bundy on the kunst magazine

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