erika hendrix

diane betties

erika hendrix
diane betties

photographer: diane betties
models: lia + ari @modelwerk
styling: charlotte gindreau
hair + makeup: aennikin
hair + makeup assistant: kim lea adam
artwork: iris egbers

diane betties / photographer

your sign

berlin, germany

color palette
 love mostly muted colors – off whites, light grey, blues and greens

midnight snack
i usually don’t  but if i am really craving one – at this stage – pls hand me anything!!

introvert or extrovert
extroverted introvert

song/artist on repeat right now
all frank ocean and ‘inhale exhale’ by nao

morning ritual
coffee coffee and more coffee

favorite place in the world
the beach

last thing you've read
the snowman by jo nesbo

most memorable/influential moment growing up
receiving my first camera and the fall of the berlin wall (both events are not interconnected)

favorite quote
"what matters most is how well you walk through the fire” 
-charles bukowski

diane betties on the kunst magazine

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