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chloe romeyer

erika hendrixComment
chloe romeyer

photographer: chloe romeyer
models: aninha malukisa @city models / mallory veith + trinity trice @next models paris
makeup: samuel ruffin-hendrix
hair: yann deschaud

chloe romeyer / photographer

your sign

saint etienne, france

color palette

midnight snack
whatever is in my fridge

introvert or extrovert
both, depends of my mood

song/artist on repeat right now
la vie qu’on mène by ninho

morning ritual
having 2 or 3 coffees

favorite place in the world
my mother’s arms

last thing you've read
l’algérie, clos comme on ferme un livre? by bruno boudjelal

most memorable/influential moment growing up
can’t choose

favorite quote
”in the family the man is the bourgeois, the woman represents the proletarian”

chloe romeyer on the kunst magazine

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