erika hendrix

camilla dahlin

erika hendrix
camilla dahlin

camilla dahlin / painter

your sign

ontario, oregon
united states

color palette
galapagos turquoise + all of the colors. i love color! but i am experimenting with walnut paint and am totally obsessed with it

midnight snack
iā€™m usually in bed by 10 šŸ¤“ but smoothies or homemade gourmet popcorn or both. or cookies

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
just like a woman by jeff buckley

morning ritual
french press coffee but i'm not very good at routines

favorite place in the world
gamla stan / stockholm

last thing you've read
dear lover by david deida

most memorable/influential moment growing up
hands down giving birth to my daughter / growing up - moving to sweden. it shaped who i am and it will forever be my second home.

favorite quote
"die while you are alive and be absolutely dead. then flow with whatever happens."
-bunan - zen tradition

camilla dahlin the kunst magazine

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