erika hendrix

brooke didonato

erika hendrix
brooke didonato

brooke didonato / photographer

your sign

louisvile, ohio
united states

color palette
pastels with lots of pink at the moment

midnight snack
burrito or pizza, both if I can convince you

introvert or extrovert
introvert who likes extroverts

song/artist on repeat right now
tyler, the creator

morning ritual
i recently made a new rule for myself called no checking my email/social media/fantasy basketball team/other misc. phone things while in bed. so now i'm on the hunt for a new [more proactive] morning ritual

favorite place in the world
the corn field across the street from my dad's house is pretty nice

last thing you've read
something i can't remember from the pile of photo magazines on my floor

most memorable/influential moment growing up
turning sixteen and spending almost every subsequent summer night aimlessly driving around on back roads, listening to emo music and hanging out in parking lots with people i don't really know anymore

favorite quote
"don't say 'i'm gonna'; just do it."
-my dad

brooke didonato on the kunst magazine

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