erika hendrix

bethany vargas

erika hendrix
bethany vargas

bethany vargas / photographer

your sign

a small town in the middle of no where called othello, washington

color palette

midnight snack
sharp cheddar cheese

introvert or extrovert
ambivert - a mix of both

song/artist on repeat right now
irreversible - by fhin, chloe black
wild bitch show - iconika

morning ritual
lay in bed for a while, stretch, and most likely eat some sort of breakfast consisting of potatoes (i love potatoes!)

favorite place in the world
my childhood home

last thing you've read
men explain things to me by rebecca solnit

most memorable/influential moment growing up
the sunsets in my town always gave me life. golden hour would leak into my bedroom as a kid. i would always feel this over whelming sensation of peace and power from the sun. now as i am older looking back i think its crazy i was so sensitive to light and i didn’t even know at the time.    

favorite quote
“make your self uncomfortable” 

bethany vargas on the kunst magazine

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