erika hendrix

beth level

erika hendrix
beth level

photographer: erika astrid
hair & makeup artist: beth level
model: madison smukalla

beth level / makeup artist

your sign

salem, oregon
united states

color palette
always changing, but at the moment i’m into lavender, rust, burnt orange, chartreuse pear, red cocoa

midnight snack

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now

morning ritual
coffee and read the paper, then wake and cuddle the kids

favorite place in the world
montreux, switzerland

last thing you've read
the purpose driven life by rick warren

most memorable/influential moment growing up
at age 7, i had a school teacher with severe deformities. she was precious—the kindest, most gentle woman whose incredible spirit made me completely forget about her “flawed” shell. she forever changed what beauty meant to me      

favorite quote
"be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody"
-kid president

beth level on the kunst magazine

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