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bassam allam

erika hendrixComment
bassam allam

photographer: bassam allam
model: zuzanna @seed models
stylist: sandra hemmink
beauty: eavan derbyshire

bassam allam / photographer

your sign

cairo, egypt

color palette
red, yellow, blue

midnight snack

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
cyboogie by king gizzard and the lizard wizard / the black thought

morning ritual
long shower where i plan my day + power shake

favorite place in the world
where my heart is at that moment 

last thing you've read
nadja by andre breton

most memorable/influential moment growing up
listening to my grandfather tell me stories about his life

favorite quote
“they knew nothing of our pleasures nor how much fun it was to be damned to ourselves”
-ernest hemingway

bassam allam on the kunst magazine

find bassam on instagram or visit his website!