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arnaud ele

erika hendrixComment
arnaud ele

photographer: arnaud ele
art direction + styling: laura knoops
model: julia smal
beauty: carolina lazo
set design: zu kalinowska

arnaud ele / photographer

your sign

several places - yaoundé (cameroon), etables-sur-mer, pau (france), lausanne (switzerland)

color palette
blue, red, yellow

midnight snack
a bowl of cereal

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
discoteca paradiso by franz scalla

morning ritual
coffee and a cigarette

favorite place in the world
ebogo forest in cameroon and the sanetsch pass in switzerland

last thing you've read
king-kong theory by virginie despentes

most memorable/influential moment growing up
arriving in switzerland at age 14 and the connections / friendships i made with people back then

favorite quote
‘’it’s never too late”

arnaud ele on the kunst magazine

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