erika hendrix

annabelle foucher

erika hendrix
annabelle foucher

annabelle foucher / photographer

your sign

a small village in the countryside in the middle of fields

color palette
warm colors, specially brown, orange, red and green, I love green

midnight snack
my dreams

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
jazz music, eroll garner, tame impala, air and agnès obel

morning ritual
trying to remember my dreams

favorite place in the world
the sea, i am in love with the ocean

last thing you've read
a book i got from my dad called lettre à prunelle by alain ayashe who wrote it for his daughter

most memorable/influential moment growing up
traveling the sea on a boat with my family

favorite quote
"les yeux sont les fenêtre de l’âme”

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